Thursday, April 23, 2009

NOT in the Trunk

Dear Hubbs, were so kind to leave a comment on my Balmonte Book post. And I love that you visit my blog now and then to show support. So I guess now is a good time to let you know (via my blog) that I went to Michael's to buy a few things that were on sale. It was good of me to find such great deals right? I mean, take a look at the rolling scrapbook luggage. It was 50% off, babe! That's a steal!!! Those green plastic cases were half off too. Only $5 each. And remember how we talked about how expensive Cricut supplies are? For example, Cricut cartridges run $89-$99 each, remember? Well, Michael's happened to have one last Paper Pups cartridge for ONLY $39.99. So it only made sense to get it, right? There are other things I found, but I put them all away already. I'll have to show you those things later. Don't you agree the luggage was a necessary purchase? Now we don't have to haul everything in small bags and boxes when we travel.

So surprise, babe! I got a few things. Let me know when you read this post. I'm wondering how long it will take for you to discover this. I changed the date of the post to April 23rd since you visited my blog today already (April 24th). Yes, I took the picture while you were in the shower and posted while you were downstairs making breakfast for us this morning.

OH! I love you! THANK YOU:)



Doramiyi said...

Very cute! I'm sure your loving hubby with smile when he reads your post.

I have to remember this one for myself if I ever get my blog up and running.

Have a wonderful day.

doramiyi at gmail dot com

Angela said...

You crack me up...too cute! You are too nice, by telling him...what they don't know, won't hurt them, right! Only kidding! :)

Sara said...

You are TOOOOO funny, don't you just love it when things like this happen :)

Great stuff, enjoy!


KeeponScrappin said...

WOW! That's too funny. You're very sneeky Joann!. I totally love it. Now that tops all the tricks out there. Hey Sidro! If your reading this, you can't help but be proud of her saving $$$$. I have lots of coupons if you need it. :) You're such a good hubby. I know how much you totally support her anyways. Go Joann!. Now that you have the green, I have the PINK one and Arlene has the black one, we seriously need to go to Scrappy Hour and roll in IN STYLE!

Elaine said...

Tooo Funny! I love that he reads your blog Joann!! :) The GREEN cases are gorgeous and what a deal, girl!! SCORE and I'd have done the same thing if I had been there!

Rachel said...

this is too funny! I like the way you broke the news!! HA HA!!!

Joann @ The Cozy Couch said...

So hubby found out about my new luggage with a little help of me. I had him sit next to me to read it. When I scrolled passed a post he had already seen, he was a bit surprised by the 'secret post'. HA! He said, "So that was the charge I found on the bank account!" ...I guess I wasn't that great at hiding:) THANK YOU, BABE! Hee!

~amy~ said...


Butterfly Kisses said...

Funny! How cute you and hubby are! :-)

Anonymous said...

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