Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Vegas Recap - Takin' a Break

It's been a LONG time since my last post. Okay, maybe just over a week, but still! Soon after returning home from our Vegas trip, Hubby and I got really sick with the flu. The picture above (at the fight) is not at all what we looked or felt like last week! Luckily, we did not contract the H1N1 flu. However, whatever virus we caught was simply awful! Not only did I suffer from the typical symptoms of the flu, but I had a loss in appetite for food AND paper crafting! GASP! Can you believe it?! I'm just glad the worst is over and we are feeling much better these days.

Today, my co-worker (Hi Tammy!) noticed I had not blogged in awhile. Also my older sister, who sometimes visits my blog (Hi Ruth!) to make sure I'm still alive, was wondering why I haven't posted anything lately. Yes, I'm still breathing! Just taking a break to get over this darn flu. So I thought I would at least post a re-cap of our trip to Vegas. Perhaps this will fill the void on my blog until I'm 100% again. By the way, I received my Green Tangerines kit for April and it's so awesome! Can't wait to get back on the craft table to create! For now, enjoy the photos:)

It doesn't look like it, but we are on our way to Vegas. Okay, this is a picture of the short cut we took on back roads to the Sacramento International Airport.

Yay! We made it! My brother-in-law Steve and his girlfriend Riza were so nice to allow us to stay with them at their timeshare in Vegas. I attempted to capture a nice pic of me and the hubsters BUT he kept playing jokes on me! He kept saying, "Okay, babe! This time I'll be serious". How many clicks later, I still did not have a shot until a passerby asked if he could take the picture for us. HA! How embarrassing!
Filipinos totally know how to keep cool in hot weather. A Filipino delivery company called LBC provided fans for....well, fans! HA! LOL!
Watching the Pacquiao fight. This was happiness after a successful round 1!

The newspapers said 15K Britons flew to LV for this fight. Hatton fans had 5 really good chants. What do you expect when you bring in a band to lead?! Filipinos would have taken over with a united "Man-ny! Man-ny!" chant except the fight was over before we even had the chance! Needless to say not a peep from 'Hatton Wonderland' after Manny put the smack down.

Getting out was no fun. However, this picture makes me laugh. The only reason you don’t see any Filipinos in this pic is because we are too short! HA! LOL!

Even Larry Merchant was so small, I didn't realize I was walking beside him, For those of you don't know him, he's an HBO announcer for major boxing matches. I love my souvenir Pacquiao T-shirt!

Dining at BLT Burger at The Mirage. I ordered kobe beef sliders with sweet potato fries. Aren't they super cute? I ended up eating only the meat and fries because it was all just too much!

One of our stops was Fat Tuesday’s cantina inside Planet Hollywood’s mall. My brother-in-law Steve ordered us the largest container possible. In fact they had to pull this one from underneath the bar. There are 27 shots of Vodka in this thing......or something like that!

Group shot at the Hawaiian Tropic Zone at Planet Hollywood. Notice how we all pushed our drinks to Steve's side of the table.

This is a pic of a cab driver who nearly killed us on our way back to the hotel! I turned off the volume on my camera in order to take every picture possible of this crazy man - including his cab license! HEY! Just in case! The guy was seriously insane!

YAY! We finally saw Cirque Du Soleil’s “O” Show! A pic souvenir of our date night! So corny! HA!

Hubby’s favorite breakfast. The Grand Lux Cafe is a great spot to eat at the Venetian. They are known for the hollandaise sauce on their eggs Benedict. Very bad but oh so good!

Leaving for the airport. Hubby sporting his souvenir shirt with pride.

Until next time, LV! Hope to see you at Pacquiao vs. Mayweather!!!


Sara said...

Great pics!!! Looks and sounds like you all had an awesome time!

Good for you!


Rochelle said...

Great pictures!! Sorry you guys got sick!! I just love Vegas!!! Gonna go again at the end of the month! :)

Butterfly Kisses said...

Hey Joann! Glad you're feeling better and that you had a great time in LV! Gosh, I got super hungry reading your post... those Kobe Beef sliders look so scrumptious! Yummmmm! Love Pacman... wish I could have been there with you guys! Super awesome souvenir shirt! By the way, I enjoy your blog playlist so much I was still coming to your site (despite your temporary absence hehehe!) to listen to your music. :-) So relaxing to listen to while I'm working! :-) Take care and hope to see more papercraft goodies from you soon! hugs, Ar'

KeeponScrappin said...

Hey Jo! I love your pictures. Wow! those burgers were making me drool. Yummy! I would've eaten the whole thing...heehee What a cute picture of you and your hubby. You two are so cute together. That's an awesome t-shirt. I want one. That would make a cute tank top...heehee I miss ya Jo! We seriously need to get together and scrap away. No worries about posting...believe it or not I take a break sometimes too. Can't wait to see ya tomorrow. We'll catch up then.

Elaine said...

Hey girl, where have you been?? I miss your bloggin!!

Nagman said...

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Pothys said...

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